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It is not explicitly stated that Frisk ever fell into the ruins, it’s just assumed. At the beginning, you name a fallen child, which you later find out you are naming the first human, which you come in contact with later on, depending on what route you take. During one playthrough, Asgore asks if you’d like some tea, being quite polite but knowing that he has to fight you as if you were human to gain your soul. During a different playthrough, he asks what kind of monster you are and that he doesn’t recognize the type, but this can also be Chara seeping back into this reality, since it is the “bad kid” route, or genocide route as it’s more commonly known, that this happens.

Asgore seems to be the only one who has seen humans before, since he has the previous children's souls, though this is never explicitly stated that I am aware of.  He could have gotten them from his royal scientist without ever having seen the humans, since many of them never made it to him, as you find their items throughout the game, suggesting they died before Asgore's place. He seems to treat the player as just another monster in each playthrough, such as when he thinks you are a monster he's never seen before. If he's seen humans before, this would be weird, even if it were Chara taking over Frisks body, since Frisk and Chara look similar enough. Most monsters could have used references to the appearance of humans from anime books, and whatever else has fallen into the underground.

Toriel asks Sans to promise to protect anyone coming through the ruins door, suggesting that she knew it would be happening soon.
Most of the monsters have never seen a human before, based on their dialogue, so spotting one would be more difficult, and they wouldn’t know what one wasn’t. At the beginning of the game, Sans even asks Frisk if s/he is human, almost just assuming so since s/he came out of the ruins door.

Frisk’s skin color is the same as the buttercups s/he wakes up on. We know that some things can gain determination through outside means (Flowey, for example), so it would not be far fetched to suggest that Alphys or even Gaster was successful in the experiments with Determination and monsters. We do not know how long Alphys has been the royal scientist, or if she worked with Dr. Gaster at all, so she may have no knowledge of any experiments that were successful, especially if Toriel found Frisk and stole s/he away back to the ruins.
Toriel was seen fleeing the lab at some point, possibly with Frisk. Since she is the mothering kind, and parents have been known to hide things or outright lie to their children about things that they don’t think they can handle, it would not be strange for her to set Frisk down in a bed of buttercups before s/he woke up, if s/he was going to wake up. Toriel may have even been re-enacting her actual son’s death in a way.
If you never save your game, Sans says nothing about the timeline being messed with, but I feel like it was more Flowey’s doing than Frisk’s. It’s hard to say just how much Sans knows about timelines, and he never mentions determination, so during the “main” timeline that everyone exists in, he does not seem to know about Flowey at all. At one point inside Grillby’s, Sans asks Frisk if he’s ever heard of a talking flower, the last two words in yellow (the same color as Flowey and buttercups), but then goes on to talk about the Echo Flowers that repeat the last thing they heard. He also mentions that Papyrus has talked about a flower talking to him when he is alone, giving him ideas and boosting his ego, but based on the dialogue, Sans seems to think this was some kind of Echo Flower that someone was “programming” to talk to Papyrus with.

During a certain play through Flowey suggests that Frisk never ever let Sans know anything about him/her and that Sans has caused Flowey more than his fair share of resets. Sans’ fight is one of the toughest in the game, so this suggests that Sans found out about Flowey at some point(s) and tried to stop him. Sans seems to have been at the detective job for a while, and is friends with nearly everyone in the underground, which would get him lots of clues and bits of information as it becomes available. Since we know that some monsters can gain the ability to alter the time line, Frisk might still be a monster.

In Toriel’s house, you can look at some of her books. One of them is a history book that covers how the monsters came to live in the ruins. They called it “Home” and noted that their ruler was not very imaginative. When you try to leave the ruins, Toriel understands that you just want to go "home", and she says it with some emphasis, as if she were talking about the rest of the underground, and not the overworld.

Flowey makes no mention of other children being able to alter the time lines.  Frisk and Flowey are the only ones able to do so. If Frisk were Chara, or some kind of experiment, a True Reset could have reset Frisk's/Chara's memories back to the Ruins Save Point.  Maybe True Resets have limits. A true reset to a time when one might become self aware, or conscious. If Frisk came from the True Lab, but was not awake until waking up in the flowers, that might have set the Save Point there as a default. 

When Frisk falls into the garbage dump, a memory is played. This could be from Frisk having memories of another human, especially if Frisk were an experiment, just like Flowey has Asriel's memories, even though Flowey is not actually Asriel, just a flower with Asriel's memories/determination.


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